NAMTA Essential Manager's Toolkit Video Series

The Essential Manager’s Toolkit Video Series: What do YOU wish that you'd known when first starting as a manager?!?!

How do you create a dynamic, creative culture across your organization?  How can you cultivate deep community engagement that drives sales?  NAMTA is proud to offer this video education series, The Essential Manager's Toolkit; Management Skills for the Creative Products Community, as a benefit for our members.  Created in partnership with long-time industry leader, David Pyle and his team, this 4-part series was created based upon consultation with dozens of managers in the creative products community.  We asked, "What do you wish you'd known when first starting as a manager?" This is the result...and it's all specifically tailored to the creative products community.

Course Details

Essential Toolkit
Video 1- Leadership
Video 2- Culture
Video 3- Building Community
Video 4- Creating Opportunities
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